Working in the Oilfield is tough, but calculating your mud weight is easy with the new “Bottoms Up” app.

The creators of the top-rated Oilfield Calendar offer a solution to another oilfield problem. Mud Weight is designed to provide everyday answers for everyday calculations, without having to be in an office. Mud Weight, a simple to use calculator for the oil and gas professional.

  • Adjust specific gravity, weight of sacks, and pallet sizes.
  • Save mud and material preferences for different wells.
  • From Mud Men to Derrick Men, anyone weighting up will have a new favorite app.
  • Built by Oilfield guys for Oilfield user’s, putting out the best productivity apps in the industry.

How to use Bottoms Up

  • After you set your specific gravity, sack, and pallet sizes; enter your current then desired mud density.
  • The amount of weight material is displayed in a variety of measurements.
  • Save your parameters and create more wells as needed.

You’ve got your hardhat, steal toes, and safety glasses, now add Mud Weight to the essential tools you need when working in the patch. Make your calculations easy, keep your life turning to the right.

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