Goodstamp FAQ

Can I check out the app without registering?

Of course, you have the ability to cruise the map and see deeds that have been done or explore the interface to see if it peeks your interest, we are confident it will.

How safe is this app?

Just like any social media experience it's as safe as you make it, use good judgment posting your information and practice good social media responsibility. That being said we've gone to great lengths to build in features like your ability to control who you interact with and making sure people that interact with your need it pins are fully registered users.

How long do my deeds affect the map?

In a perfect world the goal is forever. As long as someone continues to stamp good deeds and drop pins of their own then your path will live on, we wish you luck in seeing it travel to another country or to cross an ocean!

What if I don't have enough users in my area to stamp my pins?

Keep the faith and continue to drop pins. It takes time to build a user base for all areas but you're welcome to help spread the word, until then just consider yourself ahead of the curve.