About Us

Welcome to Archimedes Workshop LLC, where ideas for the future are many and the dreams are endless. Here at Archimedes Workshop we build meaningful apps improving user experience for our ever day lives..

Our first project was GoodStamp, the good deed social network. It's a labor of love and something we plan to continue developing in the future. Oilfield Calendar is our oilfield productivity tool. We can't tell you how much fun it is to build something that we actually depend on for our daily lives.

That brings us to White Tie Fantasy, our current business and foray into daily fantasy sports. The staff at Archimedes Workshop, are huge fans of fantasy sports; we saw an opportunity to bring something new and exciting to the market. We are currently in the heart of coding and are planning our beta launch in April ’15.

Click the appropriate link above to find out more about each one. We will post here as new things develop. We look forward to seeing you at a launch party or two.